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(short film, UK 2018)




When she finds herself sitting on the fence between an unsatisfying marriage and an affair with a much younger co-worker, Christine has to make an assertive decision about who she will choose and what kind of person she wants to be.



Alexandra Webb and Daniele Alan Carter in Picking Up the Pieces (2018)

© Mathew Hodgkin http://www.matthodgkin.com


(feature film, UK/Italy 2019)


Co-production with Mediaart Production Coop & Thunderhawk Pictures Ltd.




At 15:45 the sun has stood still over the serenity of South-Tyrol mountains. Unaware Konrad and Martha run their hotel in which otherwise only Edoardo, an artist and Selma, a chambermaid with a traumatic past, live. When one day Konrad flees the scene of a supposed accident, his world threatens to drift off into darkness.

O Mary Bloody Mary

(short film, UK 2018)




An unexpected illness forces one of the greatest broadcasters to face up to the choice between staying in the past or embracing a complicated future. 




(feature mockumentary, UK 2019)




Spotter-Spotters is a mockumentary charting the journey of a lonely train hobbyist on his quest to become the country's number 1...the only thing in his way is the love of his life.

Blood Sample

(short film, UK 2018)




A nervous patient, a sympathetic nurse, a simple blood test

that requires taking a sample - just another typical day in your average surgery...or is it?