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(short film, UK 2019)


Madil Hardis Productions




Directed by: Mathias Falcone

Written and produced by: Magdalena Herfurtner

Co-Producer: Nicci Brighten


"Sacrifice" is a 7-minute short film drama about mental health. In this poetic and carefully crafted portrait, we learn of the bond between a lonely woman and a young elusive girl at the crossroads. 

Bleed on the Inside

(short film, UK 2019)


Madil Hardis Productions




Written, directed, and produced by: Magdalena Herfurtner


"Bleed on the Inside" is an experimental short film drama about the inner wars following traumatic experiences. 

Somewhere In-Between

(feature film, UK 2019/2020)


Madil Hardis Productions




Produced by: Magdalena Herfurtner

Screenplay by: Haydn Worley

Story by: Haydn Worley & Magdalena Herfurtner


An endearing elderly man living with dementia in a care home unwittingly forms a close bond with someone from his distorted past who has an enigmatic agenda for revisiting him. 

The Power of One Coin

(short film, UK 2018)  [Trailer]


Thunderhawk Pictures/LonRom Film Production


In the Festival Circuit 


Directed by: Flaminia Graziadei

Written by: Jack Angerstein

Produced by: Zbigniew Siwek, Flaminia Graziadei

Co-Producer: Magdalena Herfurtner, Judson Vaughan


The story follows five characters who have never met before, and seemingly have nothing in common. This all changes however when one day their lives become intertwined, by a simple coin that travels through the hands of each person. We see how for each character, the coin plays a crucial part in encouraging small acts of kindness. But what they don't know, is that kindness is powerful, and small selfless acts can have a huge positive impact. Although they are all suffering in some way, it only takes a single moment for everything to change.


The Power of One Coin is a short film tackling the challenging subject of mental health in our society. It aims to portray that small acts of kindness can have huge effects on people's lives, especially those suffering from a mental illness.


Beneath Desire

(feature, UK 2019)


Da Art Films




Written, directed, and produced by: Sergei Alexander

Line Producer: Magdalena Herfurtner

Associate Producer: Bianca De Ritis


When a young man finds out that his birth father is a famous drag queen, he transforms himself into his drag persona. As two men bond and admire each other in drag, their relationship out of drag takes an unexpected turn that will change their lives forever.

Your Eyes Know Better

(short, UK 2018)


Madil Hardis Productions


In the Festival Circuit


Written and directed by: Mathias Falcone

Produced by: Magdalena Herfurtner


Maya has decided to face herself. Armed with her camera, she locks herself into a photography studio and stares into the only mirror able to reveal what lies beyond her fears.


Picking up the Pieces

(short film, UK 2019)


Madil Hardis Productions




Written and directed by: Magdalena Herfurtner

Produced by: Ben Watts, Magdalena Herfurtner


When she finds herself sitting on the fence between an unsatisfying marriage and an affair with a much younger co-worker, Christine has to make an assertive decision about who she will choose and what kind of person she wants to be.