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(short film, UK 2019)





Sacrifice is a 7-minute short film drama about mental health. In this poetic and carefully crafted portrait, we learn of the bond between a lonely woman and a young elusive girl at the crossroads. 

Beneath Desire

(feature, UK 2019)




Director: Sergei Alexander


When a young man finds out that his birth father is a famous drag queen, he transforms himself into his drag persona. As two men bond and admire each other in drag, their relationship out of drag takes an unexpected turn that will change their lives forever.

Your Eyes Know Better

(short, UK 2018)


Festival Circuit


Director: Mathias Falcone



Maya has decided to face herself. Armed with her camera, she locks herself into a photography studio and stares into the only mirror able to reveal what lies beyond her fears.



(short film, UK 2018)




When she finds herself sitting on the fence between an unsatisfying marriage and an affair with a much younger co-worker, Christine has to make an assertive decision about who she will choose and what kind of person she wants to be.



Alexandra Webb and Daniele Alan Carter in Picking Up the Pieces (2018)

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Blood Sample

(short film, UK 2018)




A nervous patient, a sympathetic nurse, a simple blood test

that requires taking a sample - just another typical day in your average surgery...or is it?