A film by 

Mathias Falcone


Written and produced by 

Magdalena Herfurtner



‘Trinette' is a psychological short drama about the inner wars following traumatic experiences. Catherine, a woman coming to terms with previous trauma, faces yet another battle with her own conscience. Overwhelmed by her feelings of helplessness, guilt and shame, she tries to erase the event from her mind. But no matter how hard Catherine tries to escape her own memory, a part of her is still stuck in purgatory.


The film has hit the festival circuit in November 2019.



Magdalena Herfurtner



Magdalena Herfurtner is a German producer, writer, and musician, resident in London.


She is currently in development and production of several feature and short films, among them the short drama Sacrifice (2020).


Magdalena has been trained as actress and classical singer at Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich. In 2015, she relocated to London where she took screenwriting classes at Central Film School.


That same year, she became Quarter-Finalist of the Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition with her feature film script Walking on the Flatline.


She co-produced the multi-award-winning short film The Power of One Coin (2018) and line-produced Sergei Alexander's feature debut Your Eyes on Me (2020).


Mathias Falcone



Mathias Falcone is an up and coming film director with a decade of photography and production experience in fiction and commercial productions, spanning short and long-form content. 


Following a creative background developed over the still image across several photographic domains, he expanded his sphere of competence into production and developed several films from script through to festival release, whilst driving the filming of branded content and online promos. He has led projects in Britain, France and Italy, managed crews up to 30 members and budgets up to £50,000.


He made his directorial debut in 2018 with the short film Your Eyes Know Better, shortly followed by Insider (2018), Trinette (2019), and Sacrifice (2019).


His visual and narrative universe unravels around the dynamics of individuals’ microcosm forced to face an ambiguous and contradictory reality in order to fill their life with meaning and clarity. 



Heidi C. Nielsen



Heidi C. Nielsen is a Scandinavian stage and screen actress based in London. She is an experienced and versatile deviser and just premiered the highly-acclaimed, devised show Teaterkoncert Sonnets in London. 


Heidi stars in the new crime series Moriarty, where she plays the sociopathic blackmailer, Milverton. Season 1 will be out in the autumn of 2019.

Jasmine Embrechts



Jasmine Embrechts studied at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York and has worked with filmmakers all over the world since then. She has worked in theatre, film and television and loves traveling the world searching for more stories that need to be told.