Magdalena Maria Herfurtner

alias Madil Hardis

coloratura soprano | singer | composer


Magdalena is a German singer, composer, and filmmaker, currently living in London.


A classical music education and a passion for film, music, and painting have formed her as an artist over the last fifteen years and led her to diverse experiences in the world of art, such as being the lead singer of a German Gothic band or writing and producing short and feature films in the UK.


She studied Vocal Performance with Sylvia Greenberg and Wolfgang Brendel at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich and was part of the CD production of "Missa Katharina" by Jacob de Haan with the Bavarian Broadcasting in 2007 as the solo soprano.


Besides her ongoing film and performance work, Magdalena has released several ambient music EPs as Madil Hardis, and is currently working on her first opus, a short modern opera merging classical and electronic elements.


“I want to share my feelings and emotions with others; I want to dive into a fictional world of love and light, of deep empathy and compassion. That’s the greatness of art: being able to challenge, experiment, and share with the world…and in the midst of it all, to discover your true self as part of this wonderful universe."


original music