The Power of One Coin

(short film, UK 2018)  [Trailer]


Thunderhawk Pictures/LonRom Film Production


In the Festival Circuit 


Directed by: Flaminia Graziadei

Written by: Jack Angerstein

Produced by: Zbigniew Siwek, Flaminia Graziadei

Co-Producer: Magdalena Herfurtner


Successful Kickstarter campaign managed by 

Zbigniew Siwek & Magdalena Herfurtner 

The Power of One Coin is a short film tackling the challenging subject of mental health in our society. It aims to portray that small acts of kindness can have huge effects on people's lives, especially those suffering from a mental illness.

Your Eyes Know Better

(short, UK 2018)


Madil Hardis Productions


In the Festival Circuit


Written and directed by: Mathias Falcone

Produced by: Magdalena Herfurtner


Maya has decided to face herself. Armed with her camera, she locks herself into a photography studio and stares into the only mirror able to reveal what lies beyond her fears.