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+ Learn how to support your voice and increase your volume and range with ease 

+ Get rid of bad habits, hoarseness, tensions, and functional problems

+ Learn how to control your breathing and improve your pitch

+ Take your performance to the next level and express yourself truthfully on stage

+ Discover your songwriting skills or record your voice in my home studio

+ Gain confidence and free your voice!



Vocal & Performance coach Magdalena Herfurtner has 15 years of stage, studio, and teaching experience in Germany and the UK.

She studied classical singing in Munich, Germany, and has since worked as a professional singer in classical and modern music.


In 2007, she recorded the CD "Missa Katharina" by Jacob de Haan as solo soprano for the German broadcaster BR.


With her band Eycromon, Magdalena released 2 studio albums in 2011 and 2013 and toured Germany. She is currently working as a film composer and solo musician in London. 

Lessons are available in London - at a place of your choice or in my studio in Stratford/East London.

Vocal Exercises - Free Piano Tracks

I've put together a selection of piano tracks for common warm up exercises that you can download or listen to for free here. You can use these tracks to sing or hum along. Enjoy!

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